Getting Closer to the Champions League Final 2009


Since it started in September of 2008, these years' Champions League has kicked millions of fans worldwide on their toes with the hope to see their favorite teams reach the final steps to lift the coveted cup. Europe's premier club competition is the one with most international value for football as it features only the strongest and richest teams in the world.

The two teams that will be competitive for the much deserved title will be Barcelona and Manchester United; the latter are the current holders of the title and still the favored team, since they have won a total of three times, one more than their competitors.

This year there has been a very tight race between Italy, Spain and England; the three nations since the beginning of the competition in 1955 have collected eleven titles each. However, during this year's tournament all Italian teams (Rome's AS Roma, Milan's FC Inter and Torino's FC Juventus) have been eliminated by English ones, meaning that most of the Italians present will be supporting their latin cousins, Barcelona.
On the 27th of May 2009, the Champions League Final will be held in the Stadio Olimpico, taking place in one of the most beautiful and celebrated cities of the world: Rome. The stadium itself is synonymous with major sporting events, and with a capacity of just over 72,000, its historical significance and superb atmosphere ensures it will be the perfect setting for a great evening.

Of course, getting so close to the date makes it increasingly difficult for fans to get their hands on tickets. Nonetheless, every year after they have the certainty that their team will be competitive, thousands still book their flights, cross their fingers and start their desperate hunt. Whether or not they are successful, it is barely comfortable to camp inside the stadium's athletic track: then comes the time to book one of the many great Rome Hotels that will turn a sport event into a (even if short) great holiday.

May is in fact one of the best months to visit the eternal city with its almost-summery weather. During this period it is always sunny and with temperatures reaching the likes of 30 ° C, giving risk-lovers the chance to make a quick trip to the seaside and take the first bath of the season.