The Ronald McDonald House of Charities Gives $ 50,000 in Scholarships

On May 23, 2007, twenty five graduating seniors from El Paso and Las Cruces each received a two thousand dollar scholarship from the El Paso chapter of Ronald McDonald House Charities at UTEP's Tomas Rivera Conference Center. More then 200 students from the local area applied for these scholarships.

Erik Cigarroa who is going to school for business and plans to pursue law school after said that with this scholarship he will be able to pay for his education. He wants to do this so he can help his family.

An interview with Marcella Alvarado of Burges High School, one of the participants of the scholarship described how this scholarship would help her take care of her expenses so she can become a biology major. Her life long dream is to become a doctor and with the scholarship, she now can not only experience college lifestyle but also fulfill her dream.

Grecia Heredia from Hanks High school spoke about how her dream was helping the sick. She has a full scholarship to The University of Texas at El Paso's pharmacy program for two years then she will transfer to UT-Austin to finish her education.

The Ronald McDonald House of Charities is a non-profit organization that gives scholarships to students that face restricted access to education and career opportunities. The program is eligible for high school seniors who show financial aid need, community and academic achievement. The RMHC has been giving away scholarships since 1985, and since then has given more then $ 24 million to help graduating high school seniors to attend college.