The Secret of the Anonimul Film Festival in Danube Delta

When it comes to big budget movies, with superstar status actors and prizes worth thousands of dollars or more, there is no shortage of "A" Class festivals that gather hundred of participants competing for the main trophy. Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Toronto and San Francisco are just a few names that top the list.

However, when it comes to low budget movies, made without the backing of a major studio, there is an increasing support from various foundations across the world for independent producers. These directors are those who, without the constraint of producing something commercially viable, managed to create real works of art, true cinematographic masterpieces.

Some of the festivals that specialize in independent and experimental movies are the Ann Arbor, Telluride and South by Southwest in the United States and Raindance in the United Kingdom.

However, there is another independent film festival that has been gathering popularity in the last few years, deep in Eastern Europe, in the beautiful Danube Delta.

The Anonimul Film Festival in Sfantu Gheorghe

Ever wondered how you'd feel spending a whole week away from the civilization, somewhere in the middle of the nature, with no distraction other than the chattering of the birds and the wind? What if you had a great selection of movies to that image?

Picture that!

That is what the Anonimul Independent Film festival is offering every year in August. For a whole week, the small and peaceful village of Sfantu Gheorghe in the Danube Delta is turning into one of the hotspots of independent cinematography.

Directors all over the world come here to compete for the main prize and enjoy a great company in the process.

The festival takes place in the middle of the Danube Delta reserve, one of the most beautiful and unique places in Europe, which somehow survives the brute intervention of man. Many people call it 'a birdwatcher's paradise' for the sheer number of bird species that live here, pretty much more than anywhere else in the world.

The only way to reach Sfantu Gheorghe is by boat. There are no roads going there, one of the reasons why the area is so well preserved. The closest city is about 60 Kilometers west.

During the festival, in between movies, you can easily take a boat to visit the surrounding area, which will bring you, closer to nature. On the other hand, if you'd rather catch some sun, you can enjoy the 30-kilometer long wild beach that stretched between Sfantu Gheorghe and Sulina.

It really is worth attending the Anonimul Film Festival, for the great chance of meeting some extraordinary people and spending some relaxing time in the middle of nature. And catching some fantastic movies, of course!