Mallorca Festivals


Spain has festivals that continue all year long. No matter what time of year you visit Spain, you will find something happening and festive going on. Mallorca is no different since there are many festivals that are celebrated in the island and also in its surrounding areas at many times in the years. While you are visiting Mallorca, you can find many magazines and other publications that are specifically printed for tourists highlighting the upcoming events of the year.

If you are visiting in January, you can enjoy festivals, such as Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos, Sant Antoni Abat and Sant Sebastia. All of these festivals include lots of eating and gathering around for bonfires and partying at different spots in the island. Sa Rua is celebrated in February and a festival that includes occasional bonfires and people dressed in traditional and fancy clothes. The holy week called Semana Santa is celebrated during the month of March and April. There are processes going on all over the island on almost every day of the week and a rather large one is held on Maundy Thursday.

As Mallorca is an island, there are several festivals specifically aimed at the fishermen community. However, the best part about these festivals is that you can participate in them as well. The people of Mallorca are very welcoming and you can visit festivals, such as Sant Pere and Pa Virgen del Carmen. These festivals celebrate and honor fishermen and lots of fishing boats can be seen floating around the water during these celebrations.

August is the time of year where you can see plenty of dancing and colorful celebration in Mallorca. The festival of Sant Bartomeu is one of the oldest celebrations of Mallorca where devil dancing is conducted. Sant Agusti is a fun filled celebration for children as well as adults where the kids dress up huge horses accompanied by music of drums and bagpipes.

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