Guide to Bangkok for Tourists and Backpackers


A guide to Bangkok for tourists includes a variety of unique attractions to see, some of the best spas in the world with a large choice of treatments and massages, a choice of some of the world’s best golf courses in this golfer’s paradise, and has hotels that are desirable but have low prices for those visitors who are on a budget. The Thai hospitality is especially friendly, which makes your holiday a delight. Thousand of restaurants present a wonderful culinary experience, and you can also enjoy the local “street” food to see what the real Thai cuisine is actually like.
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Traveling around the city and area can be accomplished by using an underground system, the sky train along a monorail, fast and air conditioned buses, tuk, and the popular water taxis. Thailand’s trains are exceptional since they are on time, frequent, and comfortable.

The GRAND PALACE with its spectacular architecture was the home of kings since being built in 1782 and is still used by the current king, who holds ceremonies on the royal grounds. This Palace has the Emerald Buddha, the holiest and most revered of Thailand’s images, which was carved from one piece of jade in the 14th century.

The TEMPLE OF THE DAWN (WAT ARUN) is Bangkok’s most photographed temple with its spire, which is 70 meters high and is decorated with Chinese porcelain and small pieces of colored glass.

The ANCIENT CITY is the largest outdoor museum in the world with 280 acres, is shaped into a map of Thailand, and has amazing replicas of famous monuments, temples, and buildings.

The NATIONAL MUSEUM is one of the largest museums in Southeast Asia and was originally a palace. Artifacts from all parts of the country are housed in these beautifully-colored buildings.

The VIMAMEK MANSION MUSEUM was a three-story mansion containing 81 rooms. It is the largest golden teak building in the world and features chambers with royal memorabilia.

Thailand also has some of the best internationally-rated cinemas in the world. Some of the lounges hold only 20 to 40 people who are pampered with complimentary snacks and beverages and who can relax in comfort in seats that recline and come with a blanket and pillow!

Take a boat ride through the FLOATING MARKETS and buy vegetables, fruits, meats, and sweets from the canoes on the water.

Shopping in Bangkok is very popular because you can haggle and get as much as 80% off their goods. This amount of discount is surprising because the goods are of high quality.

Go to PAKCHONG CREEK and take a 45-minute ride on an elephant’s back with a caretaker in charge.

The KHAO YAI NATIONAL PARK is a reserve with 153 species of exotic birds and wild animals.