El Salto Bass Fishing

Lake El Salto is one of the most famous locations in Mexico to practice the sport of bass fishing and we can certainly attribute this to the amount of Florida largemouth bass we can find! Over the last years the state of this lake has only gotten better and better like most Mexico's lakes the fisheries management program has been a total success providing always healthy and big bass to catch.

El Salto is located at 550 feet above sea level, in the foothill of Sierra Madre Mountains and you can reach it half an hour after arriving at the Mazatlan International airport. The lake covers a total area of ​​27,000 acres at fool pool.

This is a lake that is open for fishing all year long, although it is better to visit it between November and June when the temperature is not too high and rain fall less. However, even in late summer you can find excellent fish that will surely make your Mexico bass fishing trip worthwhile. Thanks to the presence of tilapia and shad, the strain of largemouth Florida bass can grow a lot and we are talking here about plenty of 4 – 8 pound bass.

Bass in EL Salto -and in all Mexico in general – is pretty aggressive, so be sure you are bringing the equipment needed for the job in your trip.

If you are worried about accommodations in this lake, know that there is a lodge ready to welcome visitors all year long. Lake El Salto lodge is where you will be staying if you want to bass fish in this lake. Mexico lodges have certainly grown and now they provide excellent service for travelers and guests, with boats, experienced guides, delicious food and even the licenses you need to fish on the country.

A Beginner's Guide to the Dead Sea, Israel

The Dead Sea gets its name because its amazing levels of salinity makes it a harsh environment in which animals really find it impossible to survive. The name "the Dead Sea" was actually adopted by various European languages.

Historically, the Dead Sea formed part of the ancient "Lake Lisan", the lake which once extended from the north of the Sea of ​​Galilee to the Arava desert. It is the lowest point on earth at approximately 417 meters below sea level. It's ten times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea with a salinity of 340 grams per liter. Obviously, going for a swim is tricky! But floating could not be easier – or more relaxing!

The air in the region is high in oxygen but low in pollens and other allergens. Air temperature is high even during the winter months. What makes the region extra special is the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays are naturally filtered, making it possible to lie out in the sun without the pain and discomfort of burning. This is a great factor for many people who suffer from skin diseases. The waters next to some parts of the coast also contain black mud deposits which are highly mineral enriched and a big part of any health and beauty treatments in the area.

The region's historical sites, which include Massada, Qumran, Jericho, Ein Gedi, the Roman fortresses and the monasteries in the Judea Desert, are among the most renamed in the world. There are also nature reserves, and plenty of beautiful scenes of arid deserts and oases alongside pools and waterfalls, full of stunning flora and fauna.

Great investment is made in the tourist industry in the region with the development of 4,000 hotel rooms of various standards, kibbutz resort villas, and other accommodation facilities. There are many exciting and unique activities for people visiting the Dead Sea region to enjoy including desert tours – on foot, in special vehicles or even on camel – Bedouin accommodation, rock climbing and repelling, and archeological and agricultural tours.

Places to See in Bodh Gaya

The Bodh Gaya, located in the Indian state of Bihar is one of the popular pilgrim destinations for Buddhists and tourists across the globe. It was the place where Gautama Siddhartha attained the enlightenment while meditating under the famous bodhi tree. The place is thronged by devotees of Lord Buddha coming from various corners of the world especially from countries like Srilanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Japan, China, Thailand and other South East Asian countries. The following are some attractive places to see in Bodh Gaya.

Information on places to see in Bodh Gaya

The Bodh Gaya is spotted with numerous temples and monasteries that exhibit architectural brilliance.

Great Buddha Statue – The eighty feet long statue is regarded as one of the most attractive sites of Both Gaya. The statue is built in the posture of 'dhyan mudra' or meditation on an inverted lotus. The raw materials used for building the statue are red granite and sand stone. The statue was built with the aid of Daijokyo Sect of Japan. Historical evidence says that it took around 7 years and involvements of approximately 12,000 masons for the construction of the statue. On November 18th 1989 the Dalai Lama sanctified the statue.

Mahabodhi Temple – Under the order of emperor Ashoka a shrine was built near the bodhi tree or the tree under which the Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. The pyramid shaped temple is built with architectural dexterity manifesting four towers located at its four corners.

Dungeswari caves – The Dungneswari caves are at a distance of about 12 kilometers from Both Gaya. The caves are mysterious in nature. They display paintings and stone carvings of Lord Buddha. The graphics painted in the caves account the life story of the great preacher. One of the caves has a statue of Buddha depicting the acetic life of the sage.

Bodhi Tree – Gautama Buddha learn the true meaning of life and death while meditating under the bodhi tree. Although the original tree no more exists but the sapling of the original bodhi tree bought from Srilanka is located in the place. Ages back, Ashoka's daughter Sanghamita had taken a sapling of the real tree to Srilanka and planted it in a place named Anuradhapura. The present bodhi tree is more than 122 years old and is still alive.

Bodhi Sarovar – The bodhi sarovar is the place where Buddha used to take bath before sitting for meditation. The pond is located to the west of the bodhi temple.

Chankarmana – The place is located toward the north of the bodhi temple. It was the place where lord was walking while pondering on the dilemma whatever to share the divine knowledge with the world or not.

There are several other places to see in Bodh Gaya. You are recommended to do research on the various places of Gaya and plan your holiday trip accordingly.

Best Miami Restaurants

Miami has a diverse population and its restaurant scene is at least as widespread as are the roots of its residents. There has been a continuous advancement trend in Miami's culinary scheme in recent years. The city is not famous for its local Michelin Starred chefs, but it does host a multitude of world-class chefs. However, if you're not a big fan of Latin flavors, no worries, great courses of curry, tapas and sushi are easily found round the corner.

Best Pizza

Steve's Pizza

This is a cozy North Miami place with few tables inside and more on outside. It's hard to describe this restaurant without using the next words: THE BEST PIZZA. Pizzas come with tomato sauce and amazing gooey-cheesy on long slices of fresh-baked dough in a traditional New York style. If you don't want to settle for something you would normally order, try the "special," filled with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and anchovies. The Garlic rolls are also worth of mentioning.

12101 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL

Best Seafood

Joe's Stone Crab

Get ready for waiting for a table, that's how good and popular this traditional seafood heaven is. And no, they don't take don't take any reservations. Their menu is very varied, atmosphere is lovely and the service is top-notch. Joe's serves the best grab-legs in town together with large side dishes. The experience they have of preparing the grabs comes with the long experience. This restaurant has served the Miami Beach folk since 1913. Must-go place once you're in town, but save this for a special occasion, the night might get a bit pricy.

11 Washington Avenue / South Beach

Best Sushi

Shibui Japanese Restaurant

This two-story Japanese restaurant delights its customers with Japanese style seating (giant pillows on the floor) upstairs. Sushi is always fresh and the customer service has never let me down. Try sushi for the first time or eat it weekly, this is the place to go. And the prices are very reasonable.

10141 Sunset Dr, Kendale Lakes, FL

Best Desserts


Even though it's a "typical" Italian restaurant, Sosta has something surprisingly special: an award-winning pastry chef Antonio Bachour, who is in charge of Sosta's dessert menu. Try out his delicious torta di cioccolato with pistachio gelato, or tiramisu made with Gianduja or maybe a creamy vanilla panna cotta. If all this sees boring for someone more familiar with Italian desserts, what about an eight-inch Nutella pizza? That is what real fusion food should be like!

1025 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL

Best Hamburger

Jr's Gourmet Burgers

Gourmet but homemade style burgers which are always cooked perfectly and the service is friendly. Together with burgers, try out some sweet potato fries with cinnamon and sugar! My personal favorite burger: Acosta, topped with black pepper aioli, Swiss cheese, and French onions.

7 Westward Drive
Miami Springs, FL 33166

Best Curry

Soi Asian Bistro

This little, minimalistically decorated 30-seater restaurant is one of the few Curry places that exist the next time you want to go back. The turnover in Asian restaurants is high in Miami. Their Massaman is perhaps the best curry you can find in this city. The portions are big, the miso soup and sushi are also very recommendable and the waiters will most likely find a room for you even though the place would be full, as it usually is, and for a reason!

134 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

Best Thai Restaurant

Lotus Garden Restaurant

Family-owned classic Thai cuisine, with a Vietnamese twist in it, serves solid quality from year to year. The portions are large and if you come here for once or twice, the owner Cathy Nguyen or her mother will most likely remember what the thing you ordered last time was. Take out or stay in, the dish will be delicious. And if you're a vegetarian, you finally have lots to choose from!

318 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL

Best Brazilian Restaurant

Texas de Brazil Churrascaria

Don't even take a look at the dessert menu of this place, I assure you, you won't have any room for sweet after eating your main course. This Brazilian chain restaurant is a meat eater's paradise. And don't worry for taking you're vegetarian friend here, their salad bar itself is also a treat. Eat as much as can, the waiter will keep coming with meat until you show him red card as a sign of being full. If going at lunch hour, sleep a siesta afterwards.

11401 NW 12th St # 514
Miami, FL 33172

The Galway Races – The Magic of Ireland at Play!

'There where the course is,

Delight makes all of the one mind,

The riders upon the galloping horses,

The crowd that closes in behind. '
-William Butler Yeats

The Galway Races in Ireland enterprises seven days of betting-frenzied Flat and National Hunt racing; and a dramatis personae of thousands. In addition to the usual horse-lovers, punters, business leaders, clerics and Cabinet ministers, Galway joins a diverse collection of poets and plowmen, singers and swingers, doers and dreamers, lovers and leavers, movers and shakers, hucksters and three-card -tricks.

You only have to join the lines of excited racegoers hurrying through the turnstiles to realize that the Galway Summer Festival is not merely about racing. It is a convivial social and cultural occasion; a chance to meet and make friends; an opportunity to create the memories that in years to come you will recall with nostalgia and the proud declaration: "I was there."

For people watchers, Galway is hard to beat.

The tips and gossip; the banter and repartee; the quick-witted quips and humorous asides; the well-rehearsed anecdotes and pithy observations.

The posing and the posturing; the flirting and the pouting; the tossing of hair and the fluttering of lashes; the coy introductions and the promises to meet.

Yes, you'll get enough raw material at Galway Races for a trilogy of novels!

One of the joys of the Galway Races is flicking through the colorful pages of the image-packed racecard with its free draws and exciting prize-winning opportunities; its beguiling betting hints; and its pulse-quickening promise of record-breaking Trios and Jackpots.

And then there's the punter's perennial dilemma: "Which horse should I back?" Agonising over selections. Balancing logic and intuition. Deciding whether to put your money on the newspaper nap, the leading trainer, the jockey in form, the stable whisper, the tip from a friend, or the horse that won the equivalent race last year – while all the time knowing that where you watch the race, be it in the grandstand or in a corporate hospitality suite, the person directly behind you will be cheering on the eventual winner as it thunders past the winning-post.

If only you could find out before the race who will be standing behind you during the race!

In the rumor-filled betting jungle, some horses are 'well supported'; others are 'on the drift'. The favorite is 'shortening'. There's a 'springer in the market'.

Punters are betting in tenners, scores, ponies, tons, monkeys and grands. Bookies with ostentatious computerized display boards are vying for custom with the traditional chalk and blackboard brigade. 'Let them in and let them out!'

Betting 'with the favorite'. Betting 'without the favorite'. Betting to win. Betting each way. "Win or come second! Two chances!" – One is even offering "Four chances"!

Is there no end to the cajolery?

As the minute hand approaches starting time, the stands fill; the Tote queues dwindle; and the scribbling punters in the SP shop submit their final hydraulic selections.

Commentator Des Scahill's inimitable voice echoes across the racecourse evoking memories of names destined to resound forever among the stone walls, hedgerows and whispering grasses of historic Ballybrit: Leap Frog, Bunclody Tiger, Spittin 'Image, Shining Flame, The Lady's Master, Boro Quarter, Randoss, Firion's Law, Feathered Gale, Moscow Express, and Life of a Lord.

Life of a Lord …. What an appropriate name for a winner at Galway!

The white flag has been raised. They're under starters orders … and … They're off! "

As the race unfolds, thousands of eyes and ears focus on the track itself, on the giant screen or on the results of closed circuit television monitors.

The commentator's voice rises perceptibly at the end of each rhythmic cadence: "As they swing into the straight …." – "As they jump the flight before the stand …." – "And out there in front, it's. .. "

Seventeen gleaming runners come thundering past – bays, browns, chestnuts and grains. A multi-colored passing tapestry. Jockeys in shimmering silks – yellow and purple stripes, white and yellow quartered cap in the lead; white and red chevrons, green and white striped cap in close pursuit; emerald green and orange hoops and white cap bringing up the rear.

Each jockey squatting precariously on half a ton of racehorse traveling at speeds of up to 40mph. Restraining his headstrong mount, riding hands and heels, or flourishing his whip. A dynamic fusion of balance, reflex, and co-ordination.

The cheers rise to a deafening crescendo as the favorite jumps the last 'ears pricked' and races up the hill to win by "two lengths and the same".

"Come on, you good thing!"

"Come on, you wee dote!"

"Come on, you little daisy!"

Whooping with boisterous delight and branding your winning tickets, you and your laughing friends set off to celebrate yet another successful Galway gamble.

Ah, the rich treasures and rewards of July at the Galway Races!

Moving To Spain – Things To Do First

when moving to Spain there are a few things that you will need to do first before you even start to build your new life in Spain.

Many people from the UK, are now moving to Spain in search of a better life and for many it is a long life dream and if it is just for more sun, to start a business or even to retire there, the reasons vary but there are a few things that everyone must do first.

The Europe regulations welcomed at at the beginning of 1992 means that all EU citizens can now work in Spain under the same laws as the Spaniards and will have the same rights and benefits with the Social Security system and National Health Services in Spain.

This means that you, your partner and dependents all have access to the same services as the Spanish.

Getting An NIE:

This is great news if you are considering moving to Spain. One of the first things that you will need to do is register at your local Police Station and get an NIE certificate.

This is just a Foreigners Identification Number. But you will need it for just about everything you do here in Spain.

Here is just a few things that you will need it for:

Opening a bank account.

Buying or selling a Spanish property.

Social Security

National Health Services

Buying a car or boat.

Starting a business.

The easiest way to get one is to find a good accountant or lawyer, now the best way to find a good accountant is ask the local English people in the town that you are moving to as they will have already had to use one and can recommend a good one and let you know what it is going to cost you.

If you are thinking of starting your own business in Spain as I did, then my advice to you is to get a good accountant who will help with all the papers you are going to need as this is a very difficult process even if you speak Spanish . Remember that everything here in Spain takes twice as long as in the UK so start things as early as possible.

The First Years:

The first few years in any new country are the hardest, you will need to get to know your new area, local customs and people and one of the best ways to do this is to mix with as many locals as you can even if you feel uncomfortable at first. They will open many new opportunities for you as well as giving you a real look at how the Spanish live. If you are moving to Spain and you really want to stay there then you must learn to Speak Spanish.

Blending In With The Locals:

There are many people that are living in Spain and who have less than a basic understanding of the language and it is possible to live this way for many years.

It is a shame if you are moving to Spain long term and can not understand what your locales are saying, not only that but with even some basic phrases you will find that the locals will open up to you and this will speed up your integration and help you live the way you first dreamed of. Many local Spanish people want to learn English so this is a great way for you to help them as they help you, just ask at your local bar and you will be surprised at how many want to learn.

Mix with the locals as much as possible and your stay in Spain will be a permanent one.

Get Your Passport Long Before You Plan To Embark On A Trip To Russia

Russia has been a mystery to most of the rest of the world for hundreds of years because it seems to offer so many contradictions. While it is home to some of the world's more prosperous entrepreneurs who command great riches, it is also the scene of tremendous areas of poverty.

While many of the leading achievers in medicine, science and the arts have come from Russia, the country has also produced a number of delicious despots responsible for the country's darkest days. The people of Russia are known as good-willed, resourceful people, while Russian leaders have long been associated with corruption and over-regulating every aspect of citizens' lives.

One could easily discuss some of Russia's great contributions to culture and beauty, yet you could just as easily find examples of the country's polluting industries and substandard housing. Its climate and topography ranges from frozen tundra and snow-capped mountains to warm, sunny beaches along a scenic coastline and dense, lush forests.

It's there that you'll encounter fortresses that have stood for ages, the swirling spires of Russia's famous churches and tiny villas that have remained unchanged for centuries. You may be ready to take a plane tomorrow, but bear in mind that all citizens of the 50 states must have valid US passports if they aim to make it to Russia.

You'll also have to do the paperwork to obtain Russian visas before you make your journey to this country that is full of history, beauty and bountiful natural habitats. It's crucial to get all of your permissions and documents in order as early as possible, but once that's all taken care of, start making an itinerary of the places you want to visit.

You'll probably want to start by seeing the most popular, often photographed sites that most visitors to the country flock to in droves each year. Moscow is usually the first stop for tourists because it is the most well-known place in all of Russia, and offers views of the country's great art and architecture.

Many tourists come to Vladivostok and to Kaliningrad as part of their tour itinerary. Traveling to Russia does not have to be limited to city life, as you'll find if you take a journey to the country roads of Russia and explore some of its natural resources.

If you're in the mood to spend time by the sea, try Zelenogradsk, formerly the old Prussian resort of Kranz, positioned in the far western Kaliningrad Region.

A beacon to many, the Black Sea town of Ochakiv is a prime spot for history buffs, with its ancient settlements and fortresses, and history of Russo-Turkish Wars battles. Perhaps you're a veteran of many a foreign tour, but with its intense expanse of land, Russia is a large-scale undertaking even for the seasoned tourist.

In its strength, it's a good idea to experience Russia as a series of countries that require time, patience and sometimes return trips to fully take in.

The Secret of the Anonimul Film Festival in Danube Delta

When it comes to big budget movies, with superstar status actors and prizes worth thousands of dollars or more, there is no shortage of "A" Class festivals that gather hundred of participants competing for the main trophy. Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Toronto and San Francisco are just a few names that top the list.

However, when it comes to low budget movies, made without the backing of a major studio, there is an increasing support from various foundations across the world for independent producers. These directors are those who, without the constraint of producing something commercially viable, managed to create real works of art, true cinematographic masterpieces.

Some of the festivals that specialize in independent and experimental movies are the Ann Arbor, Telluride and South by Southwest in the United States and Raindance in the United Kingdom.

However, there is another independent film festival that has been gathering popularity in the last few years, deep in Eastern Europe, in the beautiful Danube Delta.

The Anonimul Film Festival in Sfantu Gheorghe

Ever wondered how you'd feel spending a whole week away from the civilization, somewhere in the middle of the nature, with no distraction other than the chattering of the birds and the wind? What if you had a great selection of movies to that image?

Picture that!

That is what the Anonimul Independent Film festival is offering every year in August. For a whole week, the small and peaceful village of Sfantu Gheorghe in the Danube Delta is turning into one of the hotspots of independent cinematography.

Directors all over the world come here to compete for the main prize and enjoy a great company in the process.

The festival takes place in the middle of the Danube Delta reserve, one of the most beautiful and unique places in Europe, which somehow survives the brute intervention of man. Many people call it 'a birdwatcher's paradise' for the sheer number of bird species that live here, pretty much more than anywhere else in the world.

The only way to reach Sfantu Gheorghe is by boat. There are no roads going there, one of the reasons why the area is so well preserved. The closest city is about 60 Kilometers west.

During the festival, in between movies, you can easily take a boat to visit the surrounding area, which will bring you, closer to nature. On the other hand, if you'd rather catch some sun, you can enjoy the 30-kilometer long wild beach that stretched between Sfantu Gheorghe and Sulina.

It really is worth attending the Anonimul Film Festival, for the great chance of meeting some extraordinary people and spending some relaxing time in the middle of nature. And catching some fantastic movies, of course!

Are You Traveling to Florida?

Florida is a southern state in the United States by the ocean with a lot of coastal beaches like South Beach with the art deco and a lot of tourist attractions. It is my favorite state. There are other coastal states with beaches, but Florida is the most famous. This article is about traveling to Florida.

There are more different kinds of fish in Florida's water than anywhere else in the world. The fresh water lakes and rivers are filled with fish, and the ocean water contains many kinds of fish also. Florida has the most egrets, herons, and pelicans north of the Caribbean Sea. There are alligators in the swamps.

Miami, in Dade County, is a famous resort city. Miami's largest industry is the tourists. The city can accommodate many visitors at the same time. Miami Beach has thousands of apartment buildings and hotels that are open all year long with lower costs in the summer. Many of the hotels are very luxurious. The white sand beaches, palm trees, tropical climate, and recreational areas attract millions of tourists to Miami every year. Many retired people in the United States move to Miami because of the healthy climate there.

The Florida Keys are a group of small islands that are made out of coral reef formations. The Keys begin at Biscayne Bay and stretch out into the Gulf of Mexico. They are connected to the mainland by an overseas highway that is more than a hundred miles long. The Keys have many tourist attractions, including beautiful beaches. Key West is the farthest Florida Key away from the mainland and it is the Southernmost point of the United States. Key West is also the only place in the United States that has just the right tropical climate to grow key limes.

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur – Malls, Bazaars and Flea Markets

Kuala Lumpur ranks as one of the top shopping destinations in Asia. As all budgets are catered for, you will be enticed to shop till you drop! You can also expect both a fantastic variety of products as well as value for money. From designer labels to home-grown brands, even the discerning shopper will be spoiled for choice. But you may like to bring home something typically Malaysian, in which case, spare some time to shop for ethnic crafts. A wide range can be found at the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex and the Central Market.

Among the recommended items are batik (hand-painted or in block motifs available in traditional and contemporary designs, available as pareos, sarongs, scarves, shirts or dresses); songket (cloth intricately handwoven with silver or gold thread); silver items (jewellery, tableware and other home adornments); pewterware (various decorative and functional items); woodcarvings (aboriginal); pottery and ceramic (the choice is mind-boggling, but look out for Sarawak pottery or the Perak labu sayong); and weaved products (from practical bags to trinket boxes).

Places to shop include countless spick-and-span shopping complexes, duty-free shops, department stores, hypermarkets and handicraft centres to make-shift stalls and open-air night markets. Almost all shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur open for business from 10am till 10pm daily, public holidays included.

While the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival which runs from July to September and the Malaysia Savings Sale in December draw hordes of shoppers from around the region with offers of up to 70% discount on store products, you can still find bargains and sales at independent retailers outside scheduled sale carnivals.

Besides larger malls such as Berjaya Times Square, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Suria KLCC and those at the Bukit Bintang and Imbi area, many shopping complexes and departmental stores also offer economical buys such as Pertama Complex, Sogo Departmental Store, Kota Raya and Campbell Complex.

Then there are the numerous shops, flea markets, bazaars and side street stalls, notably dotting Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Masjid India (Little India), Brickfields (another Little India), Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Petaling (Chinatown), Plaza Mont Kiara and even the Sunday Night Market on Jalan Telawi in Bangsar.

On Saturday nights, Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman is closed to vehicles and transformed into a bright and bustling night market with hundreds of stalls selling a gamut of products from foodstuff to leather goods.

Jalan Petaling Night Market in Chinatown sizzles every night while on Sundays, the Pasar Minggu Kampung Baru (Kampung Baru Sunday Market) turns into a treasure trove of shopping delights with local colours, sights and sounds. Below are the major shopping malls in the city:


Jalan Memanda 3, Ampang

Ampang Park is the oldest mall in Kuala Lumpur, and also happens to be the grand dame of bargain buys, especially for electronics and electrical products as well as ethnic clothes. The bazaar-like atmosphere of its shops and stalls that line its corridors make for an interesting visit.


156 Jalan Ampang

Avenue K is a top-end lifestyle mall with eight levels, designed for retail and leisurely pursuits. It’s the place to shop for international brands and local labels.


285 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

Located in the heart of one of Kuala Lumpur’s posh suburbs, BSC is the place to shop, dine and most importantly, to be seen. The Cold Storage supermarket here stocks a fair amount of foreign foodstuff which is often hard to come by at your regular supermarket. The mall is also home to the Actors’ Studio, one of the country’s most definitive stage performance companies. You can catch seasoned and budding actors performing regularly at the studio.


Jalan Ara, Bangsar

The complex is spacious and its anchor tenant The Village Grocer attracts many shoppers with reasonably priced fresh fruit and vegetables and other supermarket items. F&B outlets there are cool places to hang out. Shops sell varied items, making the complex vastly popular in vibrant Bangsar.


1 Jalan Imbi

Berjaya Times Square offers over 500 retail shops. Foodies will be pampered by over 100 choices of cafes, restaurants, bistros and fast-food outlets. Its major attraction, Cosmo’s World, the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia, is a stand alone theme park with an abundant variety of entertainment and thrilling rides catering to all ages. Cosmo’s World also houses one of the longest indoor roller coasters in the world.


111 Jalan Bukit Bintang

Located adjacent and connected at all floors to Sungei Wang Plaza, BB Plaza houses some of the more notable tenants which are shoppers’ favourites. These include the Metrojaya departmental store and several jewellers lined at its entrance. Al fresco cafes at its entrance offer shoppers a welcome respite from the busier pursuits of shopping.


Jalan Campbell

A compact spot that’s great for watches and men’s shoes at affordable prices.


Jalan Hang Kasturi

Once the city’s busiest wet market, Central Market was dramatically transformed in the late 70s to become one of the topmost destinations to hunt for souvenirs and local arts and crafts. Here, tourists will get to soak in the artistic and cultural aspects of Malaysian life as artists ply their skills. Batik and craft shops provide a great shopping experience.


Jalan Ampang

Located along the prime “Embassy Row” of Jalan Ampang, the mall is home to many specialty stores, including British India and Guess as well as designer cafes like Starbucks. Cold Storage Supermarket is its anchor tenant.


Jalan Bukit Bintang

For up-market buys, head for KL Plaza, home to luxury watch shops, jewelers and beauty salons. The famed Planet Hollywood is located here. Several al fresco eateries along the Bintang Walk belt offer great food and entertainment.


Jalan Cheng Lock

A bargain hunters’ haven, Kota Raya Complex, located across from KL’s Chinatown, has a wonderful selection of gifts and trinket shops that are just as colourful as they are varied. This is also a favouriete hang-out spot for Filipinas on Sundays.


Jalan Conlay

The complex showcases quality Malaysian handicrafts in both contemporary and traditional designs. There is a large collection of locally produced batik, songket, wood carvings, rattan trinkets and pewter products. There is a Do-It-Yourself Batik-making corner with resident batik makers on hand to assist tourists. At the Artists Colony, tourists get to mingle with local artists and learn about their craft.

LOT 10

50 Jalan Sultan Ismail

Boasting an eye-catching green facede, Lot 10 is a popular haunt for both local and foreign shoppers with Isetan as anchor tenant. It caters for the average income as well as the wealthy. As part of the Bintang Walk area, it also has several al fresco eateries and cafes along its immediate surroundings.


Off Jalan Bukit Bintang

Fronting BB Park, Low Yat Plaza is dedicated to IT products such as computers, laptops and peripherals. It also has a good measure of camera shops, fashion and leather goods stores.


1001 Jalan Sultan Ismail

Strategically located at the busy junction of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Sultan Ismail, the mall attracts discerning shoppers with its specialty fashion stores such as Wh by British India and Nichi Fashion City. Besides a food court, it also has an indoor archery centre.


Lingkaran Syed Putra

Mid Valley Megamall offers 5km of shopping, leisure and dining outlets. With more than 430 shops, the mall is also home to three retailing giants, namely, Carrefour, Jaya Jusco and Metrojaya. It also houses a Cineplex, state-of-the-art bowling centre and a one-stop IT centre. If you need to refuel after all that glorious shopping, there’s a whole world of culinary delights just waiting for you. From chic-bistros to fast-food outlets and food courts, they are all teeming to satisfy any tastebud.


Jalan Bukit Bintang

A medium-sized shopping galleria sandwiched between Lot 10 and KL Plaza, Picollo Galleria adopts Italian shopping ambience with specialty stores offering lifestyle fashion products and art pieces. Ristorante L’Opera, a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine located on the ground floor, is one of the most popular places at Bintang Walk.


Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Though Pertama Complex is one of the oldest shopping complexes in KL, it still has a faithful following of shoppers due to its reasonably priced products, ranging from telecommunication devices to leatherwear such as Cowboy boots and jackets.


Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Located on busy Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Sogo offers a wide range of merchandise with prices ranging from high-end to mid-range. The centre has a well-stocked department store, supermarket, bookshop, restaurants, food court and offices.


Jalan Bukit Bintang

Consisting of seven levels, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur boats of more than 450 stores offering some of the world’s renown brand names. Shoppers are spoiled for choice in terms of fashion, food and urban leisure.


Jalan Bukit Bintang

Undoubtedly one of the classiest malls in the city, Starhill offers a great selection of top-end designer labels and luxury watches. There is also a great selection of spa and beauty treatments on its Pamper Floor.


Jalan Sultan Ismail

Having the biggest concentration of hair and beauty saloons among the city’s malls, Sungei Wang Plaza offers almost 500 stores offering almost everything under the sun at affordable prices. The complex is anchored by Parkson Grand. Its main entrance is lined with several interesting eateries. It’s the kind of place that shoppers keep returning to.


Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)

Jalan Ampang

Suria KLCC is an up-market shopping destination with hundreds of shops offering a wide range of goods and services that pamper the needs of shoppers – from fashion, entertainment, arts and culture, to local delicacies and international cuisines. The mall is surrounded by hotels, office buildings, a scenic park and dancing fountains. Its anchor tenants include Isetan, Parkson Grand and Tanjong Golden Village.


Jalan Putra

Located across from the Putra World Trade Centre, The Mall is a relatively large mall with a penchant for leather shops and boutiques. The Parkson department store is its anchor tenant. It also has a Malaccan-themed food court on its top floor.


76 Jalan Raja Chulan

A pleasant medium-sized mall, The Weld has an assortment of shops from bookstores to watch shops, a pharmacy and also a ladies’ wellness centre. Several eateries are located at its concourse area.

Flea markets are great places for browsing or to shop for exotic jewellery, household items, second-hand books, ceramics and other bric-a-brac. The main flea markets in Kuala Lumpur are listed below:

Bangsar Utama Flea Market

Kompleks Niaga Utama

Bangsar Utama

Daily: 10am-10pm

Sat-Sun: 10am-8pm

Amcorp Mall

Jalan Timor, Petaling Jaya

Daily: 10am-4pm

Sat-Sun: 11am-3pm

Carnival Flea Market, BB Park

Jalan Bukit Bintang

Daily: 10am-4pm

Central Market, Jalan Kasturi

Daily: 10am-8pm

KL Arts Market (Laman Seni)

National Art Gallery

Jalan Tun Razak

First Saturday of the Month: 8am-5pm

Little India, Jalan Masjid India

Daily: 8am-10pm

Mont’ Kiara Craft Mart

Plaza Mont’ Kiara

Sundays: 10am-6pm

Sogo Flea Market, Ground Floor

Sogo Shopping Centre

First Sunday of the Month: 11am-7pm

Souk Al-Tar, Maju Junction Mall

Daily: 10am-10pm