The Marvel Of The Petronas Twin Towers – A Kuala Lumpur Attractions


The Petronas Twin Towers located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is without doubt a wonder on its own. What was once 103 acres of Selangor Turf Club, where the rich and famous race their horses, now stand the tallest twin towers in the world. The Petronas Twin Towers stand at a staggering height of 451.9 meter in height making it the world's tallest twin towers.

The idea to develop the Petronas Twin Towers came in the early 1990s with the master architect Cesar Pelli. The development was a vision of the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamed. In fact the planned was revised many times before the Prime Minister was satisfied. In the end, the basic shape was an inspiration of Mahathir himself and to be placed right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur itself.

The design of the Petronas Twin Towers is based on a simple Islamic geometric design of 2 squares aligned crossing each others to form an 8 pointed star. This reflects unity within unity, harmony stability and tranquility. The first obstacle came in the form of space. For Cesar Pelli, the basic 8 star design creates a space problem. Here 8 semi circles were added, superimposed on the angle of intersection between the 2 original square to cater for this problem.

After all design of the Petronas Twin Towers were completed, the engineers saw a major obstacle in the construction. The original location in the center of Kuala Lumpur, is too soft to hold what would be the world's tallest building. The team of engineers came up an ingenious plan to create one of the world's deepest foundation at an amazing dept of 150meter below ground level. The raft foundation created a record with 13200 cubic meter distributed continuously over 48 hours to prevent crack.

To create the Petronas Twin Towers out of steel would be too costly. Thus, the engineers decided to use what is abundant in Malaysia, concrete. After months of research, a high strength of Grade 80 was developed with the structural system to withstand 135 km / h of gust winds.

Two towers of the Petronas Twin Towers are connected with a 60 meters sky bridge suspending at a height of 170 meter making it the highest sky bridge in the world. What is unique about the sky bridge is that, if you stand in the center of the bridge you would realize it is perfectly horizontal, yet the floor connected by the bridge are not of the same floor, with one on the 41st floor and the other on the 42nd floor. From the bridge, you would get a perfect glimpse of the whole city of Kuala Lumpur.

To fasten the speed of construction, Mahathir had 2 different company for to construct each of the towers, creating a rival. Tower 1 was completed on the 6th of March 1996, followed by Tower 2 5 days later. To pull off an amazing construction in middle of Kuala Lumpur is real challenge. The construction finished within 5 years, and wave birth to a new skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur. Although both contractor initially decided to put the spire together, but the contractor for tower 1 decided to install it the same night without prior knowledge of the other contractor.

Both of the towers are installed with a high speed double decker lifts that can travel at an amazing speed of up to 6 meters per second making it the fastest elevator in Kuala Lumpur, rival to that of the nearby Kuala Lumpur Tower.

The Petronas Twin Towers opened its doors in 1997 with the official opening in 1998 just before the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. It represents the will and spirit of Malaysian and a testimony that they can achieve anything as long as they put their dreams into actions. The Petronas Twin Towers was the tallest building in the world until 2004 when it was taken over by Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

Written By: Faeez Fadhlillah



Madrid's San Isidro Festival


The Mayor's speech begins events and festivals and carnivals then take place all over the city. The majority of people taking part in the proceedings will be clothed in traditional dress; this means long dresses, silk shawls and roses for the women and flat caps and waistcoats for the men.

Traditional dances will take place in the Plaza Mayor, take a seat at one of the many tapas bars lining the square and watch the dancers with a jug of Sangria, by the third glass you may even be tempted to join in yourself!

A parade is held on the Plaza de las Vistillas where crowds worship their patron saint; open air concerts are then held in the evening. One of the most unusual spectacles of Madrid is the 'Parade de Gigantes y Cabezudos. Translated as 'Parade of the giants and big heads' this parade members of stilt walkers and people wearing bizarre big headed costumes. The parcel usually crosses the center streets between six and eight pm and ends at Plaza de las Vistillas where there is often a concert to take things into the evening.

An integral, though controversial, element of the San Isidro celebrations are the bullfights. This is the time to see the World's top bullfighters take on the ferocious animals. Book a weekend ticket for a chance to see the most satisfied matadors take to the arena and always book in advance.

This year, 2010, marks the hundredth anniversary of the city's most important street, Gran Via. To celebrate there will be 1,400 meters of red carpet covering the 'birthday street' adding an even grander panorama to the proceedings. This year the golden age of Hollywood will also be visiting Madrid with stars such as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly serenading guests of the Sabatini Gardens to swinging classics from the 1940s and beyond. A number of complementary festivals will also be taking place, bringing San Isidro to the 21st century. Other events will focus on urbanization, modern music and sustainable development.


Go Where the French Go!


Run Out Of Holiday Ideas?

Have a basic understanding of French?

Then plan a get-away to destinations you'd not normally consider and …

Go Where The French Go!

You'll first need to get yourself to France, which is best done from where you are …

But why not start your holidays with a week visiting the vineyards of Bordeaux, the chateaux of the Loire or the hinterland of the Côte d'Azur. Staying in a "gîte rural", a homestay.

Before leaving for France, use one of the principal French travel sites to book a package in the sun, or whatever you feel like … (you'll need some French to do so …)

For flights, packages and everything else, the big three are:




Opodo is owned by nine of Europe's leading airlines: Aer Lingus, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa and by GDS and travel technology provider, Amadeus. So they're pretty solid.

Anyway is powered by Expedia, well known in the North American market, and owned by IAC Travel which also owns Interval International, TV Travel Shop,

Both these will provide you with the usual 450-500 airlines, 40-50000 hotels, etc, etc. And tend to fly out of Paris Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly Sud.

Promo-Vacances is the best for Séjours (packages). And they're now owned by Opodo.

Why French Travel Sites?

Consider this …

The French have a highly developed travel industry

To match their highly developed sense of vacation … Why?

Because they have time for affordable activities.

From the UBS Prices and Earnings Survey, they have the lowest pay but the most paid holidays and work the shortest hours. How so? You ask …

Well, in Paris, the average worker works less than 1600 hours per year and has 28 paid days holiday. In Toronto, she works over 1950 hours per year and takes less than 12 days paid holidays.

In London, the figures are just over 1800 hours per year worked and 22 holiday days paid. In New York, your average worker puts in close to 1900 hours per year and takes just 13 days paid holidays for his efforts.

Using the Big Mac index (from UBS), a Parisian must work for 19 minutes to buy a Big Mac, a Torontan (or is that Torontonite?), 13. In London, it's 18 minutes and New York, 12.

So, if you're stuck for ideas for affordable holidays …

Go Where The French Go!

And the French holiday "en famille" so all their destinations are family friendly …


There Is a Lot More in Goa Than Pristine Beaches!


When people think about Goa, seldom they can imagine anything more than beaches, churches and temples. However, this pristine place offers much beyond it. The only thing is, you have to look around with curiosity and interest.

It is a cultural place

Today, Goa is known as a predominant Christian state but it was a prominent Hindu state before that. Mangeshi Temple is the prominent religious place to visit in Goa. The other important place is Shanta Durga temple. Millions of Hindus visit every year and take the blessings of the deities.

Christmas in Goa gets the worldwide acclaim, but Hindu festivals are also celebrated with great joy. Since fun and follic are the core characteristics of Goa, it is the best place to spend a gala time.

Carnival is the most colorful and joyous event where almost everyone participates. You have a series of events in Goa during that time. There are fun fairs, colorful processes, sports events, cultural programs and many more. Those who experience once wish to go there every year.

It's party time!

Want to enjoy most exciting parties? There is nothing better than Goa. Those who seek for an unforgettable beach party in Goa will not be disappointed either. Clubs in Goa offer unpretented fun and full night bash with unlimited boze and platters of mouthwatering Goan food.

Spend holidays in Goa and get mesmerized by the scenic beauty of this place. The houses are amazingly beautiful, and the people are extremely adorable. The hospitality and warmth of Goa are beyond compare. It is impossible to come out of the charisma of this place.

Explore the unseen in Goa

If you are an explorer who wants to feel and experience Goa beyond the seashore, then there are so many things to do. Enjoy a scenic cruise in the beautiful river Mandovi that flows through Goa and submerges into the Arabian Sea near Panim.

There is a small island called Divar where you can see a beautiful Portuguese villa. Divar church a prominent place to visit. You can have the feel of the Portuguese era in this ex-capital of Goa. You can find houses reflecting the genuine Portuguese architecture with exotic colors and textures and sensational architectural excellence.

Goa is the jewel in the crown. It is one of the finest places where you spend every single moment with incredible joy. Spending vacation there gives memories to cherish forever.


The Dordogne Valley – The Real France


France is a magnet for tourists, especially Paris, which is everyone's romantic destination. There are other areas of France that draw the crowds – the Cote d'Azur, or French Riviera, centered on Nice, and the fabled cities of Provence.

But much of France is best savored in more remote countryside, and one of the most beautiful of these areas is the Dordogne Valley, in southwest France.

This is where one experiences the real France, the off the beaten track France, the slower rhythm, the ancient villages, extraordinary food; and, at the same time, magnificent medieval castles and chateaux dotting the countryside.

The best of the Dordogne is to be found along the Dordogne river in a grouping of small villages and bastides, centering around the towns of Sarlat, Domme, La Roque Gageac, Beynac and Castelnaud. These towns are all only a few miles apart, so one can settle in at a local hotel or bed and breakfast, and explore this great area at one's leisure.

Sarlat is the largest town here, a lovely medieval town of winding streets and ancient stone houses. Sarlat is especially well known for its Saturday market. Here you will find wonderful displays of local food, cheeses, fresh vegetables, and foie gras, the famous goose liver pate, for which the region is renamed.

Beynac and Castelnaud are two villas at the foot of two remarkable castles. Castelnaud was a stronghold of the English, while Beynac was held by the French, and they warred with each other for centuries. They both overlook the beautiful Dordogne river and valley, and are only about a mile apart.

At both Beynac and La Roque Gajeac, you can take a boat and drift lazily down the river, viewing other castles along the way.

Speaking of castles, there is one of great renounced nearby – Chateau des Milandes. It is a beautiful chateau overlooking the Dordogne River, and this was the home for many years of the great American song and dance star, Josephine Baker. She lived here for many years with her 12 adopted children – one each from a different country of the world. The chateau is open to visitors, and the interior of the castle is a beautiful living museum dedicated to the memory of Josephine.

Just north of this area of ​​the Dordogne are the famous Lascaux caves, the site of extraordinary wall paintings done by our ancestors 17,000 years ago. This connection with the long-past past permeates still the atmosphere of the Dordogne. There is a softness, a glow here, and a sense of continuity with even the most remote past that adds a real beauty to the living here.

This is a part of France where you begin to experience the real essence of this great country.


Buzzing Nightlife in Alicante


You will find literal thousands of people partying in Alicante every weekend all year round. There are a variety of bars and clubs for all ages including some gay bars and clubs and all music tastes are catered for.

On a typical Saturday night out, you will find pockets of young people drinking on the streets all over Alicante, and the most spectacular area is the Barrio, where you find lines of bars with outdoor seating. The atmosphere is unreal, everyone having fun and laughing, and the small bars just packed with people dancing. Unfortunately this all comes to an end a about 3 in the morning, when the local police move in and make sure that everyone leaves the area in an orderly fashion.

Almost everyone then heads down to the harbor area where there are several large pubs with plenty of room for dancing as well as exterior seating looking onto the sea. The port area is very popular with youngger people and they really do know how to have a good time and have no problems to keep going till about 7 in the morning, when the pubs begin to close.

At the very end of the Alicante Postiguet beach you will find a very relaxing "Chill Out" open air pub, right by the sea. There is a Tram stop within 200 meters of the pub and you normally find the people that frequent "Isla Marina" are 25 and the Chill out atmosphere that allows you to even remember down and be, and it really is a memorable night out to be repeated .

Traditionally in the summer, Alicante closed down for nightlife and everyone headed up to the Playa San Juan, but that is not the case any more. Even though the Playa San Juan does still have a loyal fan club in the summer, most people now just stay in Alicante, or there has been a new opening in the area of ​​Alicante Golf, where you will find about 15 medium to large size pubs , that pump out the music till about 7 in the morning and the place really is heaving at the weekend, and well worth a night out.

Of course you also have the option of going to Benidorm for a great night out, and the entertainment etc is more geared up for the influx of Northern European tourists, who never seem to stop arriving. You will find anything you might miss from the UK in Benidorm and nowdays it really is the only place to go for a nice portion of fish and chips or a traditional pint of ale.

There is a great variety of nightlife in Alicante and there is somewhere different to go to every night. The locals tend to go out to dine at about 10, so the time they have finished, the time is perfect to start swinging those hips.


Parc Guell Barcelona


Park Guell in Barcelona was created by Gaudi – Spain's famous maveric artist and architect. The Parc Guell area has recently been marked by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is without doubt Gaudi's most colorful and off beat creation.

Gaudi was commissioned in the 1890's by Count Eusebi Guell to design and build a garden city on about fifty acres of the Guell family land near to Barcelona. He came up with a grand plan for incredibly decorated buildings set in a landscape of unique looking gardens. Only a small segment of his dream became reality and the bit that can still be visited today was finished between 1910 and 1914. This of course echoes the long term building project that is the cathedral of Sagrada Familia – Gaudi's other great dream building.

Inside Parc Guell the most unique area is the Room of A Hundred Columns – a huge hall with crooked pillows supporting the roof. There are eighty four pillows in all and the room sparkles with pieces of cut glass and colored mosaics.

A climb to the top of a flight of steps bounded by fierce looking animal models takes you to the Gran Placa Circular. This is an open space with a bright colored balcony area and an intense long mosaic covered bench. This bench is serpent shaped and designed to allow those who sit on it to speak privately – even though the area around may be bustling and busy.

Near the entrance to the parc sits the Casa-Museu-Gaudi – a house that looks for all the world like a gingerbread house. Gaudi lived there for twenty years but ironically it was not designed or built by him – although there is no doubt that it follows his stylings. The internal works and art and the furniture was designed by the great man himself and the house now provides a pilgrimage point for those who enjoy and are entertained by his work.


How to Pack For Your Next Trip!


Packing for your trip – for women .

What to pack and how to pack it, two of the most asked questions on vacation planning. It seems that most people are now beginning to pay attention to their packing with the new restrictions and costs involved in taking provisions on planes (weight allowances have dropped and check in costs have risen).

For the most part people are happy booking packages and even going to specialist travel agents to book safaris or other adventure travel, many go the independent route and book it all themselves, so although there are still plenty of questions related to travel planning with respect of actual travel, more and more people ask about packing!

So what are the best tips?

Let's start with what you pack your blessings in, invest in a good quality lightweight case, either a holdall type or suitcase, which is your preference. Because you do not want to have to carry it, even if you have packed light, get something with wheels and make sure it's stable on those wheels!

Now let's look at what you're actually going to put in this ultimate of cases! Questions to ask yourself before you decide.

  • Where am I going, is it hot, cold, changeable?
  • How long am I going for, a weekend, a week a month?
  • What sort of trip is it, business, pleasure?
  • Will there be activities, swimming, surfing, golf, walking, climbing, hang gliding?
  • Who am I going with, family, friends, work collections, romantic partner?

The weather at your destination, will dictate a lot as to what clothes you pack, other considerations are if it's a beach or camping / hiking trip will there be bugs? If so which and is there anything I need to do to counteract them?

Think about whether you need 'smart' clothes, casual, or a mixture. If it's a business trip then you probably need both business smart and casual smart. Take a look at your wardrobe and sort out the colors you have, aim for a basic building block color like black, gray or white, you can then team these with brighter colors and mix and match.

One basic pair of tailored black pants can be the basis for both business and casual smart, ring changes with tops and accessories, not too many though, you're packing light remember! Shawls are a good way to ring the changes, besides being light and easy to pack.

A simple shift dress in either gray black or white can be dressed with a jacket, a shawl, or a lightweight cardigan. The pants with a top and jacket, top, top and shawl, or sweater can give you many different looks.

All primary colors and many pastels work well with these three basic colors so you certainly will not be drab! Shawls come in a myriad of designs and two should see through you most occasions, a bright bold one color pashmina type wrap will see you through both day and evening, for more dressy occasions, something with decoration will dress up your basic shift, add jewelry and a small evening purse and away you go. Oh, that's right, shoes !! We can not forget shoes! 1 each of elegant sandals, flip flops, and business boots should be enough without you're going walking in which case some leisure shoes will be needed, boots or trainers, the choice is yours.

Let's see what we've got so far:

  • Black tailored pants.
  • Gray shift dress.
  • White shift dress.
  • 3 tops – different colors.
  • 1 Jacket.
  • 1 sweater.
  • 3 pairs of shoes.
  • 2 wraps
  • Shoes

But what if business is not on the agenda and you're going purely for a beach vacation, planning to lie around the pool and soak up some sun, or lie on the beach and soak up some sun, sit at a beach bar and soak up some sun!

Trip Check List

Passport – make sure it's valid! Take 2 photo copies, leave one at home with your emergency contact person, take the other with you and keep it in a different place than your actual passport. On the beach and in bars etc, carry the copy not the original.

Take copies of all important documents and keep them in separate places, that way, if you lose one lot, you still have the information.

Prior to travel make a list of any emergency numbers you might need, these may include the number to call if your credit card gets stolen, emergency numbers to call in the country you're visiting in case of accident, illness or crime. The number of the local Consulate or embassy, ​​while it's very rare to need these, when you do, you want them to hand.

Chargers for your phone, iPod and any other electronic entertainment devices you may have (eBook reader, PSP, Nintendo etc).

Travel Documents – plane, boat, train tickets, visa's, car hire voucher and any medical certificates to prove vaccines where applicable.

Driving license if you're picking up a hire car, make sure it is the original and not a photo copy, if you hold a UK 2 part driving license you will need both parts. If your driving license is not in roman letters (Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Kanji etc) then you should bring an international driving license as well.

If you are hiring a car and will be the lead driver you will need a credit card in your name, with sufficient credit for the car hire company to 'hold' the deposit.

Do you take any medications? Be sure to bring enough for your trip and do not forget to bring original packaging in case of emergencies (where you may need to replace them). Also put together an emergency medical kit, pain killers, plasters (especially Compeed blister relief plasters), antibiotic cream, diarrhea pills, indigestion pills and of course vitamin c!

With the restrictions on liquids in hand luggage and the weight restrictions on checked bags decant toiletries into 100ml bottles, you can always buy more at your destination, this also applies to sun block and insect repellent. Although I would always take travel sized hand sanitiser, toilet paper (small roll) and wipes, as well as aloe vera gel in my hand baggage.

With those restrictions in mind, if you're staying in a hotel or self catering accommodation, check to see if they provide hair dryers etc, if they do, it's one less thing you have to carry.

If you need glasses, take a pair pair, you just never know what can happen and you do not want to be stranded half blind now do you?

If you're going to a hot country take two pairs of sunglasses (in case of breaks) plus a hat to keep the sun off your head, it's surprising how many people, especially those with fair hair get sunburned heads!

If you want / need to take a towel, take a micro fiber one, they weigh a lot less and dry much more quickly too.

Do not take your best jewelry unless you're staying in a hotel where you have access to a safe and even then think twice because nothing can spoil a holiday quicker than losing a favored piece of expensive jewelry especially if it has emotional significance.

Beach Trip

Going to the beach? Then you need to pack some sun block! Add some aloe vera gel for soothing sunned and sanded skin, dark glasses and a hat! Of course you'll need a couple of swimsuits, sarongs work well on the beach and are so light and easy to pack. Take several in exotic prints and they can double as party time dresses too! will show you just how versatile sarongs really are, and what's more, they leave plenty of room in your case to bring home lots of lovely bargains!

What clothes to take, think about it, will you be going to glitzy nightclubs and restaurants or relaxed beach bars and discos? Pack as lightly as you can, take wash and wear items so you do not have to carry lots of dirty clothes home with you. Sarongs make a good choice for women as they come in a multitude of colors and patterns, are light and easy to pack and so versatile that with only a couple you could go from beach to restaurant effortlessly.

You can even make your own, in colors to suit your taste, a sarong or pareo is about 6 feet in length and the width is whatever you want it to be! If you want to you can wear them as a skirt with a favorite top, wear them as a dress, or even a jacket how versatile is that? !!

If sarongs are not your thing then think about taking just some basic items that you can dress up or down with accessories, a shift dress (yes even though this is not a business trip) always works well because it can be dressed up or down as needed.

As it's not a business trip take as few shoes as you can because they take up a lot of room, weigh a lot and most of the time on a beach trip you end up wearing your flip flops all the time

A string bag for the beach to take all your 'stuff' to and fro, your own water bottle to keep refilling, not forgetting a good book or whatever you take to the beach to do whilst you're not in the water or ordering another Mai Tai!


Fun Things to Do in Or Near Cancun


What are the most popular things to do in do in Cancun? Well, this is a list of the exciting possibilities with something to offer any taste and personality. I consider myself to be fairly well rounded, but I like a bit of excitement on land or sea and the list of things to do in Cancun never leaves me feeling bored.


Ok, so maybe food is not the most obvious place to start but that is exactly why I start there. There are so many places to eat, drink and snack that you could spend your whole trip eating and still miss out on some of the greatest taste sensations Cancun has to offer.

One tip I have is to select a couple of eateries from several different cuisines and price levels. Limiting yourself to American, Mediterranean, or even authentic local foods is a sure fire way to cheat your taste buds. In the same vein, dine in restaurants of all price ranges. I was surprised to learn that a five star establishment may not always be my favorite experience, but it is still worth the price of the entrée.

Sea Offerings

Ok, so this is where the 'things to do in Cancun' list gets really prolific. The outdoor activities involving the ocean are almost endless. You can snorkel, scuba dive, sail the waters in a boat, yacht, jet ski or even a submarine, and of course there are always the beach side recreational activities such as surfing, boogie and body boarding as well as parasailing and oceanfront horseback rides . This list does not include ocean sports like beach or deep sea fishing or catamaran voyages and wind surfing. There are also more sedate activities like beach combining with a metal detector and deep sea treasure hunting.

The list goes on, but I will stop there because as great as all these activities are it is only one one sided offering. The Lagoon side of Cancun offers many of these same activities but being in the waters of a sheltered mangrove forest to translate them into a completely different experience. Then widening the circle of water recreation even farther there are water filled caves for diving and cenotes filled with green-turquoise waters where unique species of fishes live.

Jungle outings

For the truly adventurous there are many jungle excursions including Mayan ruins galore and the new adventure park Xplor Cancun that encourages the Tarzan in all of us to swing through the jungle tops on zip lines, drive on 4×4 trails and even head into the water to float down a subterranean river as stalagmites rise up and tower over head.

Fun for the City bucketer

If being outside all day sounds more like a hassle than a hurrah there is so much to do in Cancun proper that you never need leave the hotel zone and could still have a rich and full vacation.

The night club selection is unreal. If you want a slammin 'club with the loudest and latest music you are in luck. Cancun hosts several hotspots enjoyed by the glitterati as well as the everyday vacationer.

Some prefer a quieter night life. Cancun has quiet little hide a ways; from secluded cafés and bars to smoke bars and ocean front clubs that will fill your need for a quiet night on the town. In addition to famous night clubs Cancun boasts some of the finest shopping facilities in all of Mexico.

When you plan a trip to Cancun the real question is wherever you will be able to find enough things to do in Cancun but trying to decide how much you can include.


Las Vegas' Best Grand Canyon Motor Coach Trips


If you're one of the millions of people who vacation in Vegas, a Grand Canyon bus tour might be the perfect getaway from Sin City's glitz and glamour. Motor coach trips head for the canyon every day of the year, and depending on the season and your physical condition, they can be expanded to include several terrific activities. Plus, bus tours give you a great way to relax and enjoy the journey to and from the National Park.


Vegas travelers have several options when it comes to Grand Canyon bus tours. Many tours are all-inclusive and come with free Strip hotel pickup and drop-off. Some of the other Vegas hotels offer a free hotel shuttle that transports tour passengers to their departure point. Some hotels may even offer discounts on tour packages as a perk for their guests.

Located on land owned by Hualapai Native Americans, the West Rim is the most popular part of the canyon with Vegas vacationers. Most motor coach trips stop along the way at Hoover Dam for a quick photo-op. West Rim highlights include Eagle Point, Guano Point, the Grand Canyon Skywalk and Hualapai Ranch. Some tour packages take you on a smooth-water rafting trip down the Colorado.

Like West Rim motor coach trips, Grand Canyon bus tours from Vegas to the South Rim stop briefly at Hoover Dam. A portion of the route runs on fabled Route 66. Highlights at the South Rim itself include Mather Point, Yavapai Point, a new Visitor's Center, Bright Angel Lodge and Grand Canyon Village (that's where you'll find interesting museums and gift shops).

How Big?

The Grand Canyon is one of the most remarkable places on the planet. Its size is staggering – 277 miles long, more than a mile deep, and up to 18 miles wide. The canyon's design as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World makes it a proud member of a very exclusive club. You've probably seen photos of the Grand Canyon, and yes, they're beautiful. But the only way you can truly appreciate its jaw-dropping beauty is by seeing it in person.

The buses used for these tours are safe and comfortable. The climate control is effective, the windows are designed for sightseeing, and the seats are spacious and comfy. All drivers are trained, experienced professionals. Beside driving your bus, your driver will share interesting tidbits of info about the sights you're passing.

You can book a standard bus tour package, or you can pop for an optional extension to make your visit even better. I've already mentioned the optional rafting trip, but hiking along the rim trails is another possibility.


A Grand Canyon motor coach tour could have the perfect change of pace from the constant hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Most people are speechless the first time they see the magnificent canyon vistas spreading out before them. I've been there many times, and I still can not find the words to do it justice and describe the Grand Canyon ideally – you'll just have to go there to see what it's really like.